East Moline Metal's core competencies lie in Laser cutting, Stamping, Forming, Welding and Assembling to your specifications in Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Red metals or plastics.
From small parts to large assemblies, low or high volume.
You will be impressed with what EMM can do for you.

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Amada 4,000 Watt Laser
Amada 4,000 Watt Laser

With Three lasers

East Moline Metal will provide High Quality, Cost efficient blanks without expensive tooling, for either long or short run requirements.

Two Amada 4,000 watt lasers with a 3/4" x 60" x 120" capacity & one 2,000 watt Cincinnati with a 1/2" x 72" x 144" capacity with 8" Z axis.
Positioning accuracy +/- .001

Cincinnati with a 1/2" x 72" x 144" capacity
Cincinnati with a 1/2" x 72" x 144" Capacity


Shears 1/4" & 1/2" x 10'
Plate Shears 1/4" & 1/2" x 10'

Three Sheet Metal Plate Shears

Will cut stock down to size.
   3/8" x 4 Ft Bar Shear
   1/4" x 10 Ft Plate Shear
   1/2" x 10 Ft Plate Shear.

Shear 3/8" x 4'
  Bar Shears 3/8" x 4'


Our battery of 24 hydraulic and mechanical presses are capable of providing high volume stampings or blanks.
From 20 ton to 1,000 ton requirements, using your tooling or custom tooling made in our own tool room.

20 TO 200 Ton Presses

600 Ton Blanking Press

900 Ton Press



500 Ton CNC Hydraulic Brake Press

Six Press Brakes

from 6" X 40 Ton to 15' x 500 Ton capacity.
East Moline Metal Provides quality formed parts to your exacting specifications.

The CNC equipped machine shop includes 5 horizontal and vertical machining centers, 2 turning centers with capacity up to 3" dia. with automatic bar feed.  5 milling machines, 2 Engine and one Turret lathe, 2 chuckers as well as numerous drilling and tapping machines.





 TIG, MIG and SPOT Welding

A Variety of Welders from TIG to MIG and SPOT Welding, too!  Our AWS certified welders can handle any welding project.



East Moline Metal will also Assemble and package your product per your specifications.

Assembly Area


Inspection Bridge Type Coordinate Measuring
East Moline Metal Quality Department is "SECOND TO NONE"

   Parts are checked and rechecked for compliance to specifications.
first on the floor by our operators and then by inspection team 
using the latest Q&A techniques.

   East Moline Metal is CAT and CNH certified and Six Sigma Trained to ensure 
only the highest quality components are shipped to our customers.


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